April 2019   
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Many people today believe that worship is the style of music.  Music is only a part of worship.  At South Lawn, our worship is centered around the proclamation of God's Word.  Scripture is what shows us the need of a Savior and the greatness of our salvation. 

You will find in our worship service such things as reading and preaching God's Word, singing, praying, giving, and responding to God's Word.  We do not seek to entertain, for that is not our purpose, but to encounter the living God.  According to the Bible, worship is to be in spirit and in truth.  Worship takes place when we see God high and lifted up and acknowledge our sinfulness before Him.  All of this leads to praising Him for what He has done.  We were made for the glory of God.

What would you expect when you come and visit us in our worship service?

1.  Reading and Preaching of Scripture.  As Scripture is read, we stand in honor of its reading.  During the preaching of God's Word we listen, not so much to the preacher, but to what God is saying through the preached word. 

2.  Singing.  We participate in singing as a congregation as well as music provided by the choir, instrumentalists, and soloists.

3.  Praying.  During our worship service, we have several times of prayer.  At the beginning of the service, we pray as we enter into worship and prepare to worship.  We pray at the end of the service as we go out into the world and live our daily lives.  During the service we have a time of prayer that is led by our pastor.

4.  Giving.  Part of worship is giving back to God what He has already provided for us.  The Bible says that God owns everything and has given to us the ministry of stewardship with what He has graciously provided us.  Part of that stewardship involves our material possessions.  God says we are to honor him with our money, time, and talents.

5.  Loving.  During our worship, not only do we seek to show our love to God, but also to one another.  We have a time where we greet each other, welcome one another, and let each other know that we are glad each one is present.

6.  Responding.  As we conclude our time together in hearing what God says in His Word, we have a time to respond to His message.  When we truly worship God, we respond in obedience to His Word.