April 2019   
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truelife.org is a website that provides answers to many questions people have about Christianity, the Bible, and life in general.  By going to the website, you can find video answers to the following questions:

How did we get the New Testament?                                                          Is Porn Wrong?

Is Jesus God?                                                                                              Does God Care If I Suffer?

The Da Vinci Response                                                                               Do You Have True Life?

Why Church?                                                                                               Did Jesus Live?

Is Sex Wrong?                                                                                             Does Being Good Get You To Heaven?

Are Translations Reliable?                                                                           How Did We Get The Old Testament?

Does Archaeology Support The Bible?                                                        Where Did Evil Come From?

Does God Love Gay People?                                                                      Help, I'm Depressed

Are The Gospels Accurate?                                                                         Is Mormonism True?

Why Doesn't God Intervene?                                                                       Did Jesus Rise From the Dead?

What Happens When I Die?

Why Does God Allow Evil?

Help, I'm Suffering

What is a Christian Marriage?

Are Errors in the Bible?

Is the Trinity Understandable?

Is there Truth?

Just type in the website in your browser or go to our links page to find the link.