October 2018   
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South Lawn Baptist Church exists to love God supremely and others sacrificially.  We seek to model our church after the emphasis of the church found in Acts 2:41-47.  Our purposes include:


Our main purpose as a church is to glorify God.  We see worship as the reason for our existence.  This is done in a corporate setting through our worship services.  Each individual is to continue to worship God in their everyday life.  Worship includes praising God and being in awe of His majesty.


We believe our purpose is to make disciples of Jesus Christ.  This is done through devoting ourselves to the teaching of the Bible and the obedience to what is taught in Scripture.  The goal of discipleship is to become more like Jesus Christ.


As the family of God, we purpose to exchange with one another such things as:  care, love, burdens, and possessions.  This builds a sense of unity and oneness.


We enjoy the favor which God gives to us as well as the fellowship we have with one another.  Our lives are blessed and abundant.


Prayer, or communication with God, is a privileged purpose we have been given.  We pray for one another in the church family as well as for those in our community and world.  We desire God's will to be done on earth as it is in heaven.


We seek to share the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ with those we encounter.  Through the gospel, God adds to His church.  Man is born in sin, thus separating him from a relationship with his Creator.  The good news of the gospel is that Jesus Christ came to be man's mediator and restore man's relationship with God.  The reconciliation price was the death of One who is both God and man.  God raised Jesus from the dead that man might have eternal life.  The news we proclaim is that faith in what Jesus did on the cross is indeed good news for the greatest need man has.