February 2018  
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SUNDAY NIGHT SERMON SERIES:  The Book of 2 Corinthians.  The letter of 2 Corinthians is actally the fourth letter Paul wrote to the church at Corinth.  It is Paul's most personal letter in the New Testament.  In this letter, Paul gives a defense of his ministry and apostleship.  In doing so, 2 Corinthians provides us with what authentic ministry looks like.  Many look for power and impressiveness in ministry but Paul has neither.



Session 1:  The Loving Lawgiver:  God's Law Is Inteded to Maximize Our Freedom and Joy

Session 2:  No Other Gods:  God Deserves First Place in Our Lives

Session 3:  God Cannot Be Improved:  Idolatry Distorts Our View of God and Corrupts Our Behavior

Session 4:  God Must Be Honored:  God Desires All People to Know and Honor His Name

Session 5:  Living for the Weekend:  The Sabbath Is a Gift from God That Reminds Us Who We Are

Session 6:  Honor Your Parents:  Showing Respect for Parents Is Obeying God and Reflecting Christ

Session 7:  Do Not Murder:  Love for God Includes a Commitment to the Value of Human Life

Session 8:  Do Not Commit Adultery:  God Displays His Glory Through People of Purity

Session 9: Do Not Steal:  God Wants People to Reflect His Grace Through Generosity

Session 10: Do Not LIe:  God Wants People To Reflect His Character by Telling the Truth

Session 11:  Do Not Covet:  God Wants People to Find Satisfaction in Him

Session 12:  Jesus" View of the Law:  Jesus Did Not Abolish the Law; He Fulfilled It

Session 13: The Heart of the Matter:  Jesus Condemns Law-Keeping That Mises the Role of the Heart